In the world of modern small / mid-size businesses and organizations the use of computers is inevitable. Multiple computers and users can be organized in peer-to-peer or server-based networks (server networks). There are always several key factors trigerring critical questions and they simply won’t go away until properly resolved, here they are: More

Are you confused about the hardware your business requires? There is so much choice when it comes to PCs, servers and other network devices - you don't want to skimp on performance but you're working to a budget. Hexa IT don't only offer hardware support services to businesses throughout Gauteng area. We also supply a full range of computer equipment incorporating workstations, file servers, printers, and switch gear including firewalls and routers. More..

Operating systems and application software pose some of the greatest operational challenges to users on a daily basis. That's why Hexa IT takes vendor relationships, engineer accreditation and software support services so seriously. One of the traditional complaints leveled at IT companies has been the unwillingness of hardware support providers to communicate with software vendors, effectively creating a ‘no man’s land’ for the user whenever certain types of fault arise. But Hexa IT clients will never suffer this frustration. More..

Network routers and switches govern two of the fundamental aspects of any network – security and performance. In today’s world, your IT project will be finished as soon as it is started if these two areas are not addressed correctly. More...